First launched in 1999, and bearing the name of the iconic Buffalo Trace distillery, this bourbon is a mid-shelf classic amongst bourbon drinkers of all levels. Made using Buffalo Trace’s mashbill #1 (featuring 10% or less rye), this bourbon offers its drinker a true bourbon experience at a great price. Let’s get to it!

Vital Stats:

Name:   Buffalo Trace

Age:       NAS (Buffalo Trace say it’s at least 8y.o, but estimates put it at between 8 -10 y.o)

Proof:     80 Proof (40% ABV)

Type:    Straight Bourbon

Mashbill:  Unknown – the mashbill for this whiskey changes depending on grain quality/characteristics

Producer: Buffalo Trace Disitllery, KY


Glassware: Glencairn


Appearance:  deep amber

Nose: This bourbon opens on the nose with sweet caramel, hints of vanilla, and a touch of minty oak spice.

Palate: On the palate it gives sweet notes of brown sugar, toffee apple, and vanilla, wrapped in a mellow blanket of charred oak and rye spice.

Finish: The finish is medium length  and very flavourful with spicy rye, caramel, charred oak and a hint of vanilla.


Simply put this is an excellent bourbon. In Ireland where the bourbon market is still quite limited this bourbon really stands out as one of the best for value-for-money. Unlike other offerings in the same price range the care involved in producing this bourbon really shines through and the quality always surpasses the cost of the bottle for me. This whiskey is a great example of what a quality bourbon should be, and its appeal across the board, whilst maintaining its value for money, makes it difficult to fault without going into the ‘bring back the 45% abv’ argument. With the vast experienece Buffalo Trace have when it comes to making consistently good bourbon it should come as no surprise considering shares its mashbill with several of Buffalo Trace’s premium offerings such as E.H Taylor, Eagle Rare 10, and George T. Stagg. This whiskey is also very robust for a 40% whiskey and goes well both neat and in cocktails that require a bourbon with more complexity. Regardless of how much whiskey experience you have anyone can enjoy a pour of this bourbon, whether you’re new to bourbon or a seasoned drinker its quality and value will always make it an appealing pour.

Try or Buy?

Buy buy buy! In case I haven’t mentioned already (I have) this is an excellent value bourbon and there’s very few brands that can compete at a similar price. Every time I see this sitting on a bar in Ireland I know my evening is in very safe hands. For Irish fans this can be found in select Dunnes Stores for the princely sum of  €37 – cheapest price by a long shot!

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