Welcome to the ramblings, opinions, and reviews of a novice whiskey geek from Ireland! As the name suggests, I love a pour of quality American whiskey. What started as an Instagram page aimed at raising the awareness of America’s finest export quickly got out of hand and now here we are – a blog! So welcome! Whether you’re a seasoned whiskey enthusiast looking to expand your palate, or a newbie wondering where the best pours are stick around and you won’t disappointed*.  Here you’ll find subjective and honest reviews, with the odd half-decent picture of the whiskies from my personal collection thrown in.


Bourbon Paddy

*Satisfaction is not 100% guaranteed – if you’re not completely satisfied I find pouring a healthy measure of Four Roses Single Barrel is the best solution. If this doesn’t work repeat these steps until satisfaction is achieved.

Editorial Standards
As with any independent whiskey blog it’s important to have editorial standards around the information and reviews that are posted here. With this in mind, this blog will be following the commonly implemented Drink Blog Code (http://drinkblogcode.blogspot.ie/) where appropriate.

On Samples

I am always grateful to receive samples of whiskey to review on this page. When it comes to these samples, the generosity of brands, ambassadors, and industry people is what keeps this blog turning over and full of new reviews to provide readers with my opinion of upcoming or existing releases – I, unfortunately, can’t buy a bottle of everything that’s out there. However, it’s sometimes very easy for readers to assume that receiving samples implies a duplicitous relationship where samples are given on the condition of a positive review. On this blog that’s not how it’s done. I’m an enthusiast, this is my passion not my day job, and I’m not dependent on giving positive reviews to put food on my table or whiskey in my glass. Sure, I receive small samples from time to time to review, but what you will read here is always my personal and unbiased opinion. I’ve never received a sample where a positive opinion was paid for and as such every whiskey gets the same treatment. On top of that I also aim to provide as accurate information as possible on the whiskey, distillers, or producers.

On Ads

As previously stated, I’m an enthusiast, this is my passion and I don’t earn one cent for what I do from any distilleries, their parent companies, or their subsidiaries. As such, and  to keep this website turning over, you’ll find ads on this blog site. I wish it wasn’t so but alas it keeps the lights on.


Always sip responsibly!

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