Texas, the home of (amongst other things) big hats, big trucks, and now a booming whiskey producing scene that’s been pumping out some pretty amazing pours whilst also promising better things to come. One such distillery that’s been winning awards and turning heads for their whiskies is the Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co. from Fort Worth. Both their Blended Whiskey and Straight Bourbon Whiskey come in bottles that leave you with no doubt in your mind as to where they hail from, a big bold white TX on the front and finished with a handmade bottle cap featuring leather from donated boots that are hand assembled in the distillery – doesn’t get more Texan than that IMO. Their TX Blended Whiskey features whiskey blended from whiskey stocks sourced in Texas and in 2013 won both a Double Gold and the “Best American Craft Whiskey” in the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


Vital Stats:

Name:   TX Blended Whiskey

Age:       NAS

Proof:   82 Proof (41% ABV)

Type:     Blended American whiskey

Mashbill: Unknown

Producer: Firestone & Robertson

Source:   Unknown (TX Distillery)

Website: http://www.frdistilling.com/

Glassware: Glencairn


Appearance: Light amber

Nose: the nose is greeted by notes of slight sweet, floral vanilla, honey, caramel, and a touch of oak.

Palate: The palate opens with a medium mouthfeel, and notes of carmelised brown sugar, sweet vanilla and slight oak spice emerging the longer its chewed.

Finish: the finish follows from the nose and palate with sweet creamy vanilla, carmalised brown sugar and a very slight oak spice that leaves the throat and mouth just slightly dry with tannins and caramel.


Overall this is a great pour with amazing flavours that are unmatched in anything I’ve tasted to date at the same proof level. The initial nose appears light, but once you take a sip, sweet and delicious flavours envelop the palate and finish, making it clear that this whiskey is not to be casually put to the side from the nose alone. If I had to describe this whiskey in two words they would be: ‘crème brûlée.’ Light on the alcohol, with tonnes of sweet vanilla, a touch of caramelized sugar and a finish that almost has you drinking straight from the bottle! This is definitely a desert whiskey that will put all its competition to shame and poses the risk of not being able to stop yourself from pouring pour after pour. As someone who loves sweet things I cannot recommend this whiskey enough to anyone that wants to try something balanced yet delicious. The addition of a straight bourbon whiskey with rye as a flavouring grain to the blend (as confirmed by a F& R press release)  gives this pour that nice very subtle kick of spice that reminds the drinker that this pour isn’t here to be taken lightly. Other elements such as ‘mature premium whiskey aged in bourbon casks’ and ‘distilled grain sprit’ definitely bring the whole pour to the fantastic level it is at.

Try or Buy?

If the chance to try this presents itself, definitely try it! It’s a whiskey that might not suit all palates due to the sweetness, however, I’m glad I own a bottle and will definitely try to replenish said bottle once it’s gone as nothing else in my selection tastes quite like it. For those who think they’d like a sweet and delicious whiskey with plenty of complexity (like me) I’d say don’t waste your time wondering if it’s worth the plunge – buy buy buy! For those that want a cocktail where the whiskey brings flavour and sweetness this would also be perfect.

One Reply to “TX Blended Whiskey Review”

  1. This review hits the nail on the head! This bottle was recommended to me when perusing whiskey so I gave it a shot and will be getting a replacement bottle in the near future. This is a whiskey I would give as a gift to my fellow whiskey aficionados


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